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bookdragon (noun): a person who consumes(reads) books so vigorously like their lives depends on it.

Hello fellow Book Dragons. I know it’s been since August that I last posted anything at all and I’m sorry for that. To make a long story short, I fell quite sick, then Halloween was on it’s way and despite being Australian, we LOVE Halloween in my home. We spend at least two months just preparing a themed party for our friends to enjoy. This past Halloween was CarnEvil and we made all the Carnival games ourselves ,including a Skee Ball.

The second reason I’ve been AWOL is I’m pregnant. And boy, oh, boy did first trimester do me dirty. I was so much sicker and far more tired than my first pregnancy. And I’m happy to announce I am expecting another little girl. We did a Witch or Wizard (not Harry Potter) book inspired Gender reveal with coloured smoke in a cauldron and it worked out so well.

Just as I started to settle into the second trimester, Christmas was upon us. Not only did I host “Friendmas” but also my German family has Christmas on Christmas Eve and my Husbands English family does Christmas Morning. I was so run off my feet. On top of that I DJ for our local Drag show, Men in dresses not cars, and they decided to do both a Christmas show and a New Years Show. It was brilliant but there was so much music editing and I think my feet hate me to this day.

Now that things have settled down, and hopefully school will start up again soon, I’ll be back with a (hopefully) regular schedule.

See you all soon with brand new book reviews. Stay safe and make 2022 a great year for yourselves


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