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Published: 09/July/2019
A convict and an enchanting rogue hold the fate of the universe in their hands . . . Wanted criminal Tess Bailey and her band of merry thieves are desperate and on the run. The most powerful ruler in the universe wants them dead, and while he hunts them, the stolen ship they escaped on is running out of steam. Their one offer of help comes from Shade Ganavan, a tall, dark and arrogant stranger…


Rejoice fans of Joss Whedon’s cult classic, Firefly, because Amanda Bouchet’s Nightchaser, the first of The Endeavour Trilogy is here to fill a little bit of the void left behind when our favourite space cowboys were inevitably added to channel FOX’s kill list. If you think I sound bitter towards FOX, well you’d be right. I’m still annoyed Hieroglyph was cancelled before we even got to view a Pilot episode when the trailer alone was abso-freaking-lutely awesome. And don’t get me started on Lucifer (thank you Netflix for the save, but I wish it was for more than one season). Okay, now that my little rant is over, back to Nightchaser.

I actually first saw this book in my local bookstore which is an oddity for me. Sad to say but Australian bookstores seem to have a very limited selection. The cover was absolutely striking in its beautiful galaxy blend of deep blues, purples, and gold. Having read Amanda Bouchet before, I took home the novel and its sequel without reading the synopsis. Within seconds of opening to the first page, I found myself in the company of Rebel smugglers, being chased by a Galactic Empire’s warship with stolen cargo that could change the course of a Galaxy being oppressed by tyrannical rule. And boy, oh boy, I was not expecting a Sci Fi-Action-Romance after Bouchet’s Greek inspired Fantasy-Romance, but I was hooked from the very first pages.

In a very short time, Nightchaser had laid out the fundamentals of good storytelling. A strong, likable but not infallible protagonist. Side characters with depth who aided the development of the story progression and a villain who was both easy to hate and make you want to join the rebellion, but also undeniably believable in being able to maintain his hold over the many planets in the eighteen sectors under his totalitarian rule. Add in the amazing multi-world building along with the idiosyncrasies of each planet and you’ve got yourself an intriguing and action filled adventure, sprinkled with just enough hot sizzling romance to have you reaching for a glass of cold water.

Nightchaser is immediately followed by the equally stunning Starbreaker with no news of current on the third and final title.

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