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Everything about him was strange. Unnaturally bright blue eyes were set in a face the color of the sky at twilight. His Features had an alien sharpness to them, not quite like any other humans or elves she’d ever seen…

Night Elves of Ardani: Book One: Captive
Everyone knows that night elves would just as soon kill you as look at you. Novikke has never seen one in person, and she’s inclined to keep it that way. As a member of the Ardanian army, Novikke has no love for night elves. Her people and theirs have been at odds for centuries thanks to the elves’ penchant for violence and hatred of humans. Every citizen of Ardani knows not to approach their land:…

* Thank you Booksirens and the Nina K. Westra for providing this ARC. My review is of my honest opinion, and I leave this review voluntarily.

When Novikke, a courier with the Ardanian army, finds her path blocked by a felled tree, she’s faced with two options, go around the tree on foot and risk facing wolves or bandits alone as night falls. Or continue hitchhiking with the arrogant soldier and an elderly couple on their wagon as they take the second path which crosses though the edge of the night elves’ forest. Novikke, like every other Ardanian, knows she should steer clear of the forest. Night Elves are unforgiving to humans or other elves crossing their borders. Strapped for time and thinking it was more likely to meet bandits on the road rather than elves crossing the edge at the same time as they, the wagon pressed on with Novikke in tow.

Luck would not be on Novikke’s side, and she soon finds herself vastly overpowered and taken prisoner by night elves’ scouts. Terrified and bound, she’s taken deeper into a land of magic and shadows that seem to have a life of their own.

Captive was a great start to what I believe has great potential to be a longer book. In a very short amount of time, the world of the Night Elves’ Forest was detailed in a beautiful, and mesmerising imagination. All the characters were fleshed out reasonably well and made you want to learn more about them.

Part one of a trilogy designed similar to full length novel divided into three parts rather than a novella, the ending came quicker than I wanted, leaving on a cliff-hanger.  I enjoyed this quick glimpse into the world of Ardani and it’s conflicts.

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