The Bookdragon Nomad

bookdragon (noun): a person who consumes(reads) books so vigorously like their lives depends on it.

What a ride 2020 was. I don't think a single person was not effected in some way by the events that transpired. Aside from some health issues that landed my backside in a hospital bed a few times, the Australian bushfires hit me in the feels the hardest. I actually still have an evacuation list taped to the wall next to the front door. Friends came dangerously close to losing their homes and many of us had plans in place to help with evacuations depending…

Hi and welcome to the The Bookdragon Nomad. This is a very new Blog so it's a bit bare. In time, this blog will feature many book reviews from bestsellers and Indie Authors alike. As I find my rhythm, book reviews will be released on a weekly basis and perhaps other bookish subjects will be thrown in as I go along. So again, welcome. I hope you'll enjoy the future content I release.