Hi and nice to meet you, I’m Jaye.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I love exploring the different worlds authors create whether it be new cities, wondrous kingdoms or wild lands.
If you asked me what my favourite world or book was, I couldn’t choose just one.

A great story can be discovered in both the pages of a bestseller or an indie author that has just self published their first work is my belief. I love the works of Sarah J Maas, Suzanne Wright, Frost Kay and Amelia Hutchins. A fan of romance in literature, the steamier the passion the better. Which is strange as I loathe romantic movies and Rom-coms. Outside of books I watch action movies and game a lot on both pc and xbox.

I’ve always been a consumer reviewer. Belonging to a number of self published author pages, I adhere to the saying ‘a good review is an authors best friend’. And so I’ve always striven to do my part and give back to the creators.