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Seriously, we need shots. I’ll go get -Oh, I love this song! Girls, this is our jam! We gotta Dance.” “Not on the table Khloé, not on the table!”

Published: 28 July 2020
She's the one thing he can't control . . . Since Keenan's traumatic childhood he's made sure he's always in control. Of himself, and of the world around him. But Khloe drives him crazy. She's an imp, so getting under people's skin is basically her job description, but Khloe makes him - and his body - respond in ways he's never known. Keenan is the mistake Khloe knows she shouldn't make. As an incubus, he's…


Imp demon, Khloé Wallis, has been a constant delight since the very first book in The Dark In You series. As Harper Wallis’ closest cousin and employee, her crazy antics, hilarious commentary and mischievous nature has kept readers in hysterics for years. And most likely has inspired many to whack a vending machine or two in hopes of scoring free snacks. A fan favourite of Khloé’s extra curriculum hobbies has always been her constant ribbing of Keenan Ripley, an Incubus, and Sentinel to Knox Thorne. The banter between the two over the years has been a source of complete hilarity with a sprinkle of insanity which has had many salivating for their story to fully explore the relationship between these two very opposite people.

All that tension and chemistry that has been steadily building over the years finally reaches a boil and explodes in a sizzling, edge of your seat, thrilling ride that Wright has time and time again delivered.

Getting a backstory to these two enigmatic characters really defined them as individuals in a series that originally started as Harper and Knox’s story. I can only look forward to seeing more of them and their hilarious hijinks in Raini and Maddox’s upcoming story.

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